Wednesday, October 13, 2004


a friend stopped me in the hallway today on campus and asked who i was voting for for president.

to my answer of "one of the candidates" (because i just wanted to go home by that point in the day, knew who said friend is voting for, and didn't feel like arguing), i got chewed out for even thinking about one of the candidates... according to said friend "there's a very right person and a very wrong person to vote for, and that's all there is to it."

when i replied that i didn't even really make up my mind until this week, have watched all three debates so far, and see some major strengths and weaknesses to both bush and kerry, and gave some examples to both, this friend commented "well, i haven't watched any of the debates, or read anything, but (insert party) is always right, so i'm voting for (insert candidate)"

parties/candidates removed from the quotes because my point is this:

you can disagree with me, ask me why i think what i think, and calmly tell me why you think differently... *that* i appreciate, and it gives me more food for thought to process in my decision-making process.

to yell at me, tell me i'm wrong, and then to not even know anything the candidate you're so boldfacedly supporting has said in the past weeks and months, and tell me my opinion is invalid, despite the fact that i've been following the news, debates, etc. closely -- *THAT* i do not respect at all.

go out and vote -- have a say in what goes on the the country and in your local government... BUT BE INFORMED.... don't make an idiot of yourself by swearing eternal allegiance to a candidate/party without being able to back up a word of what you say.

end of rant.

later dudes.

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UndercoverPunk said...

You've inspired me to write my own rant, Lara :).